Let Your Music Be Loved By The Right People

The results of your talent and hard work can be more accessible to music lovers. Make it easy for people to listen to your music and extend your social network by connecting with Dr. Phong.

Dr. Phong is a music site containing tracks from select music blogs in combination with songs from musicians like you. This format attracts visitors that are searching for new quality artists and therefore provides the perfect venue to increase your listening audience. After signing up with Dr. Phong, your music is added to the “LATEST” playlist where it is certain to be heard by serious music lovers. If your song is received well by listeners, it could make the “POPULAR” playlist as well. While sign up already comes with great features, many options are available to increase initial number of plays and to enhance your social media coverage.

Site features include:

  • Guaranteed track plays
  • Social promotions
  • Listing on Phong’s “ARTIST” page
  • Featured listings on the “POPULAR” page
  • Artist profile page
  • Calendar listings
  • Ticket sales
  • Comments on blogs
  • Serious music lovers

Dr. Phong is a place where you can present your music to people that are truly interested. We do not offer false promises, just real music fans for artists that are serious about their craft. You have worked hard to create your music but letting others experience your music can be simple. Enter your information below and enjoy the benefits of a growing listening audience.

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