As a boy magic and music were a big part of Eds life,there were no answers to the magic of life itself but there was music,unconditioned as it has been since the dawn of the univers.The mystical try tone or hypnosis of the drum,the harmonies of the four winds and the crack of thunder that rumbles the very earth beneath your feet,this was not only a calling too Eddie but a reason for the life's breath that spew from his lungs.Living life to the fullist is Eds way without a doubt.Working with dozens of bands,artists and producers,such as Pantheon and The Cannables,Laz Pina(Ill Nino,Shang hi fye,Broom Hellda)Dennis Bell(U 2,Lenny Cravits),Johny Pyro (Eng Ill Nino sound wars and record inc studios)to name a few,Eddia has cast his musical spell upon the world.Inspired by all musics and peoples of the world Eddie has forged forth and continued to do what he dose best,HEAVY METAL.There are plenty of magical musics in the world but non have touched Eds heart n soul like HEAVY METAL,from the darkness of Black Sabbath to the speed of Slayer,from the evil of Venom to the hard core of S.O.D,the doom of candle mass and the horror of alice cooper,and the necromantical sounds of celtic frost.This music is an onslaught of magic and power that moves the body and stimulates the soul,his thundering bass and chugging guitars,his cannon fire like drums,rainbow of vocals and wave crashing synths come together with a colossal collision of majestic music that is blessed by the Gods and Goddesses themselves.This is E Lafuentes