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Dr Phong has been running the blog aggregator live to get the bugs out but now we are ready for stage 2 of the project -launching the artist section of the site.
This is a free artist’s promotion tool that provides a profile page and
allows the artist to promote their tracks by featuring them on the site.
From there artists can take the next step and feature their track as a paid promotion in which it will be listed and guaranteed a specified number of plays.
If you have a show coming up and want to sell tickets online we can do that too. All of the tickets that are sold will be printable with a bar code and we will also email you the list of names and credit card info.
If you want to sell one of your tracks or just let people download it for free it’s up to you but you have the option to do either.If you want to allow your song to be downloaded for free you can choose to have the fan pay with a social share. This means that before they download it they have to “like” you on facebook or tweet your track or stumble it etc.
Got a tour coming up? We can help. We will advertise it to visitors in that area via their IP address and after hearing your song they just may want to see your show.   It works like this, if your music is good people will listen to it, if it is not then you can go back to the drawing board. We want to make it just a little easier to succeed as an artist and  also make it easier for people to find good new music. The goal is to help everyone win.

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