About Us

What is Doctor Phong?

  • Dr. Phong is a music website that is interested in finding new music and making it more popular
  • We have a blog aggregator that collects music blog posts from around the web and reposts them on our page
  • Members are able to login and save songs to a personal playlist by clicking the “plus” sign
  • Visitors click the “minus” sign to indicate least favourite songs making it easy for us to suggest playlists accordingly
  • Anyone interested in posting a music blog on our site can fill out this form (insert link here) and we will review it
  • If you are a  musician and want your tracks added or removed from the site email us here


The who, why and how of The Phong.

“What was it that inspired you 2 years ago?” “Windsor/Detroit…Wow this stuff’s incredible” –Richie Hawtin
F.U.S.E: Dimension Intrusion- Logical Nonsense (1993).

Dr. Phong was really born because of Detroit, a city that has an uncompromising musical taste. With all of the great music that has come out of Detroit over the years it is no wonder why people from Detroit all have one thing in common and that is a passion for good music. This sentiment also embodies the idea of Dr. Phong  a community of people who truly appreciate music. You might be wondering how we come up with name Dr. Phong? Is Dr. Phong an Asian acupuncturist? No. Is Dr. Phong a doctor? No….Phong came from Twonz,  a  word that someone would use to describe a sound “you know when it makes that Twonz sound”’ but Twonz is also a DJ. It’s the same idea that Phong is a word to describe a sound. Does it make any sense?  Not really but when coming up with a name to produce music under it is best to find something that sounds cool.  When it comes to creating a name for a website,  something that sounds catchy or memorable is preferred hence Doctor Phong Dot Com. We hope to make the music industry better, let’s face it in some situations it is in a sorry state of affairs. How can Dr Phong help?  Our site allows music lovers to find quality new music and discover artists that they would otherwise never have known about without Dr. Phong.


What is so special about Dr. Phong Compared to other music sites you ask?

Well Dr. Phong encourages all musicians to sign up with us and upload your music so we can put it through the ringer. Our goal is to make music popular if it sounds good, we will do that by promoting it to our listeners and bloggers that are already looking for new music. This is the way it works, artists sign up with Dr. Phong and upload their music and calendar to the site we in turn will let our listeners and bloggers know that new music is on the site and tell them to listen to the new music. If they like it they vote and  blog about it and other people pick up on that  and vote for the song. Next thing you know a song that no one has heard before is now popular.